Brain activity found to continue after people are dead

| 10 March 2017, 11:27

A new study published in the Canadian Journal of Neurological Sciences explains brain activity continued for more than 10 minutes after the body appears to have died.

It may have huge medical and ethical implications in many medical areas as organ donation and may bring about even further confusion.

A team from the University of Western Ontario published the findings, western media reported. 

Doctors in a Canadian intensive care unit found that a person’s brain continued to be active for 10 minutes after they’d been declared clinically dead through a variety of the common observations such as absence of pulse and unreactive pupils.

Tests revealed brain waves that are observed during deep sleep. Only one of the four people studied showed the long-lasting and mysterious brain activity – the brain of all behaved different in the minutes after they died and this adds up to mystery of what happens after death.

The doctors cautioned in drawing conclusions not knowing that the purpose of the post death brain activity would be.