Clues Linked to The Attack on Hospital Found

| 9 March 2017, 21:33

In the face of widespread domestic and foreign criticism, The CEO Spokesperson Dr. Mujib Rahimi says clues to the yesterday’s attack on Sardar Mohammad Dawod Khan hospital in Kabul were found.

In a press conference in Kabul, Rahimi said the government will release the details once the investigations are over.

Even though Rahimi did not accused Pakistan explicitly but said Pakistan has not given a positive response to Afghanistan’s request to end it support to terrorism.

Closing the boarders and pressing Afghan refugees is not the solution; instead, it is better to give up on supporting terrorism, Mr. Rahimi added.

Afghans criticized the government on social media and requested the dismissal of security officials. People argued weak leadership and the presence of the fifth column inside the system make it possible for terrorist carryout suicide attacks.  But Rahimi claims dismissal of security officials in favor of the opponents and won’t help.