Proper management of water resources highlighted

| 5 March 2017, 16:27

President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has urged upon the need to properly manage and distribute water resources of the country.

He said this while addressing “4th Water and Sustainable Development Conference” at the Arg (Presidential palace) on Wednesday.

He said neighboring countries should not worry about Afghanistan improving its management of water resources, and should instead support these efforts.

Ghani lamented that being an agro-based economy, Afghanistan should become an exporter of agricultural products not an importer.

The President said water resources of Afghanistan are means of stability for the whole region. He underlined the need for ensuring justice in water distribution system.

Ghani noted additional funds have been earmarked in this year’s budget to help improve water resources and distribution. He said proper management of the natural resources would help eradicate poverty and bring sustainability.

The three-day conference would see officials and experts share views on ways and means to improve water resources and distribution in Afghanistan.

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