Pakistan asked to keep the issue of refugees away from politics

| 25 February 2017, 16:09

The Afghan Ministry of Repatriation and Refugees (MoRR), while thanking Pakistan for the longstanding hospitality of the refugees and extending their stay till the end of 2017, called upon Islamabad on Saturday to keep the issue of refugees 'away from politics'.

This came after reports about renewed persecution of the Afghan nationals and citizens in neighbouring Pakistan after Islamabad closed the main crossing points between the two countries.“

The reports received by the Afghan Ministry of Repatriation and Refugees suggest Pakistani citizens as well as a number of Afghan refugees have been persecuted and forcefully deported by the Pakistani security forces after the latest terrorist attacks”, the MoRR said in a statement.

There are reports about hundreds of Afghans being arrested in Pakistan in the past two weeks.

The Afghan diplomatic mission in Pakistan has been tasked to ensure the safe release of the abducted citizens.

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