Afghan workers returning home addicted from Iran

| 30 January 2017, 16:55

Drug addiction is widespread among Afghan workers in Iran. They turn to drugs to reduce mental pressure.

The youth in Faryab province who had been to Iran for lobar comprise the majority of drug addiction in the province.

There are as many as 20 thousand drug addiction in Faryam, Dr Marof Samar, the Director of Public Health of Faryab told reports today. 

According to Dr. Samar, over 2 thousand addicts have received treatment and returned to normal life.

The blazing social problem of addiction made two Afghan local commanders, Abdul Ghafur and Naqibullah to collect and pay for the medication cost of one hundred drug addicts in Faryab province recently.

Most of these addicts came from Bal Chiragh and Garziwaan districts. 60 of them passed the treatment period already and were discharged.  

Dr. Samar warned the medicated individuals might become addicted again if they were not provided with job opportunities. 

Currently, a 50 bed public hospital in Farayab provide treatment to drug addicts which does not meet the demand.