China creates anti-smog police to tackle air polluters - Afghanistan may adopt it

| 9 January 2017, 14:24

The Guardian: Beijing is establishing an environmental police force amid at tackling deadly smog, after the Chinese capital spent the first week of 2017 mostly masked in a thick cloud of pollution.

The police force will patrol the streets for barbecues, trash burning and dusty roads that violate regulations

The country is also shutting its last coal-fired power plant along with 500 factories and is taking 300,000 older vehicles off the road this year.

Afghanistan's National Environmental Protection Agency (NEPA) recently warned that environmental pollution has risen to a warning level at capital Kabul and has serious impact on people’s health.

According to NEPA, unpaved roads and the use of low quality fuel are two key pollution factors ranking Kabul as the 7th most polluted capital in Asia.

Even though Beijing’s new police squad won’t do much to help residents breathe easy, but it could be vital practice for Afghanistan to adopt to control open air barbecue, trash burning and dusty roads.