Kabulov: US bases in Afghanistan are disturbing for Russia

| 3 January 2017, 13:50

In an exclusive interview with AA, Vladimir Putin's envoy to Afghanistan expressed concern about nine military bases of United States in Afghanistan.

Establishing military bases for training purpose is a stupid excuse and Russia knows the reasons behind ongoing US military presence in Afghanistan, and will never tolerate it Kabulov added. 

According to the Special Envoy Kabulov, Russia expects that Donald Trump will tailor a new American approach to Afghanistan and address several issues which are a matter of concern not only to Russia, but important regional actors, like China, Iran, Pakistan, and others.

Given the distance between America and Afghanistan, Russia calls it an old fashioned move to have bases in Afghanistan and adds that Russia has already experienced it in Cuba and knows the outcome. 

Kabulov claims that America will need two to four weeks to redeploy up to 100,000 soldiers on the same bases and Russia warned Afghans that it may have implications for bilateral relations of the two countries if Americans use this infrastructure against the national interest of Russia.