NSC nods to poppy eradication plan

| 22 December 2016, 06:53

The National Security Council has approved the poppy eradication plan for the year 1395 and 1396.

In a press release, The Arg (Presidential palace) stated that the National Security Council has directed all security organizations and the Independent Directorate of Local Governance (IDLG) to increase cooperation on poppy eradication moves. 

Based on the directives of the President, poppy cultivation must be reduced to zero in six provinces where it is grown, but the Ministry of Counter Narcotics has failed to achieve the target due to ragging violence and other reasons.

The new plan for next year aims to clear 14 thousand hectors of poppy crops. Poppy cultivation has been resumed in a number of previously cleaned provinces this year for insecurity. Farmers have cultivated poppy on an estimated 201 thousand hectors of land this year while thefigure was only around 180 thousand hectors last year. 

 Poppy cultivation has seen a 10 percent rise while production of drugs has increased by 43 percent during 2016. Afghan officials believe the global demand for drug combined with insecurity in Afghanistan and lack of alternatives for the farmers is promoting poppy cultivation here.