BT: 1,000 Afghans who worked with British forces resettle in UK

| 21 December 2016, 09:37

In a letter to parliament, UK defense minister, Mike Penning has announced that nearly 1,000 Afghans and their families who worked with British forces have now relocated to the UK to be protected from threats and intimidation.

The UK remains committed to supporting its current and former local staff in Afghanistan recognizing their contribution in UK efforts towards a more secure, stable and prosperous Afghanistan, he added. 

In his statement, Mr. Penning said 130 staff and their immediate families which adds up to more than 900 people in total have relocated to the UK over the past 12 months.

According to reports, fewer than 100 Afghan staff will be laid off by the end of next year, and about half of them will be eligible for relocation to the United Kingdom under the Afghan Relocation Scheme of UK.

The local Afghan staff and their families go through medical checks, document verifications, UK security screening, and visa processing before they make it to UK.