Taliban execute woman in Badghis

| 18 December 2016, 12:08

Taliban shot dead a 30-year-old woman in Maidan Qul area of Aab Kamari district of Badighis province last night.

Badghis Provincial Council, confirming the execution to reporters have said that the woman was killed by Taliban after her ex -fiancé complained about her to local Taliban.  

The Governor Spokesman of Badghis states that the woman was shot dead by her brother in area under Taliban control and it is a shame killing. 

The slain, Aziza, got engaged to a man four years ago, but his fiancé went to Iran and they broke up the relationship absently. 

Aziza married another man later, but accordingly to Nasir Nasiri, member of Badighis Provincial Council, the man complained to the Taliban about her upon his return from Iran. 

Taliban issued the order of her execution and gunmen of a local Taliban commander, Mula Esmatullah appeared and grabbed Aziza from her father’s house and shot her dead.

Aziza had two children and she had been living with her father. 

Civil activists and citizens in the capital of Badghis province have condemned the killing and demand local authorities to identify the crime committers and bring them to justice.