UNHCR needs US$7.3 billion for all operations in 2017

| 8 December 2016, 18:47
United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has announced the agency needs 7.3 billion US Dollars to aid nearly 69 million stateless and displaced people, and continue operation in over 100 countries during 2017.
Donor States in GENEVA pledged US$700 million for UNHCR Wednesday, December 2017. 
UN High Commissioner for Refugees Filippo Grandi called on government donors to work with UNHCR to make sure that all displaced people can access protection and build a secure future.
“Our top priority is saving lives and protecting the rights and dignity of refugees, people displaced within their own countries, and stateless people. That means offering practical support over the longer term – including to the countries and communities that host them,” Commissioner Grandi added. 
Even though the pledge of US$700 million can cover all needs of the UNHCR, but agency deems it as an important signal to the organization of the anticipated funding for next year, allowing it to plan and continue operations without disruption.
Voluntary contributions from governments and individuals, corporations and foundations finance the UNHCR's budget for 2016, and the organization expects to receive some US$4 billion out of the US$7.51 billion budgeted for 2017.