The Asia Foundation Releases 2016 Survey of Afghan People

| 7 December 2016, 15:27

The Asia Foundation released the 2016 survey of the afghan people today which illustrates fewer Afghan are now interested in migrating.

This year’s Survey of the Afghan People polled 12,658 Afghan respondents, 53.0% of them male and 47% female, representing 16 ethnic groups across all 34 provinces in the country. 

"Amid an influx of returnees and changing reception policies of other countries, the percentage of Afghans now expressing a desire to migrate has decreased significantly, from 39.9% in 2015 to 29.6% this year,” the survey includes. 

In spite of the deteriorating economy and security, the desire to emigrate has decreased significantly in 2016 due to high number of returnees from European countries and change of polices in destination countries. 

Insecurity, corruption, and rising unemployment and slow job growth have been outlined as factors causing pessimism among Afghan pollution and 69.8% of Afghans are afraid for their personal safety.

Meanwhile, more Afghans, in particular, rural Afghan men, now support women’s voting right to their right to work outside home than ever before.

A sliding course in national mood which began in 2013 following withdrawal of foreign forces has continued and only 29.3% of Afghans believes that the country is moving in the right direction. 

“The findings this year illustrate Afghans’ dissatisfaction with their government, job growth, and household finances. The nation’s security, political, and economic transitions are still unfolding, and the Survey suggests that more time is required for progress in these areas.” said Abdullah Ahmadzai, The Asia Foundation’s country representative in Afghanistan.