International Volunteer Day Marked in Kabul

| 5 December 2016, 16:12
Dozens of volunteers participated in a Hashar (a collective work) in Band-e-Qargha of Kabul city to mark the International Volunteer Day under the slogan “our city is our home.”
Participants volunteered to collect waste and garbage from areas sounding the Qargha Lake in Kabul city and urged citizens to engage in keeping their city clean.
Civil activists, Kabul Municipality, National Environment Protection Agency, and United Nations Development Program (UNDP) attend the national collective work.
The volunteers argued the government would not be able to keep the city clean unless citizens cooperated. On the other hand, Abdul Tawab Ahmadi, the City Cleaning Director of Kabul Municipality accepted that the government has not done enough to keep Kabul city clean outlining lack of personnel, population density and little resources as reason of the failure.
Talking to media, Said Farhad Zalmai, the UNPD Press Officer stated that volunteerism is not only about cleaning city and protecting environment; helping patients, displaced people, the returnee and victims of natural disasters is also voluntarism.