DW: Airplane carrying Brazilian pro football players crashes in Colombia

| 29 November 2016, 10:59

A plane that left Bolivia with 72 passengers plus flight crew has crashed on its path to Medellin international airport. Aviation authorities said there may be survivors.

Colombian authorites on Tuesday responded to an emergency after a plane carrying the Brazilian football team Chapecoense Real crashed en route to Medellin in Colombia.

Jose Maria Cordova airport said on Twitter that there "appears to be survivors." Aviation authorities added that they can only access the crash site by land due to severe weather conditions.

The flight carried 72 passengers and nine crew members, according to authorities. 

"It's a tragedy of huge proportions," Medellin's Mayor Federico Gutierrez told Blu Radio while traveling to the crash site in a mountainous area outside the Colombian city.

Brazil's Chapecoense football team had been due to play Atletico Nacional for the Copa Sudamerica finals in Medellin on Wednesday.