Sportsmen Deliver Aid to War-weary Kunduzis

| 1 November 2016, 15:11

 The war-weary citizens of Kunduz received a moral boosting aid wroth around AFN 3 million from the Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB) on Tuesday.


The ACB managed to collect this aid money with a charity T20 match in Kabul last month. Azizullah Fazli, the care-taker Chairman of the ACB distributed the aid among the deserving families in the city that was briefly overrun for the second time by the Taliban over a month ago. He said on the occasion that the amount would be distributed among the 600 needy families. The aid package included wheat-flour, ghee, rice and beans.


Latest spate of violence has affected some 20,000 families in Kunduz who are in need of immediate assistance.It is worth noticing that the ACB is also poised to hold another fundraising T20 match in Kabul for the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) of Helmand and Uruzgan provinces in November.