50 Afghan Citizens Detained by Kazakhstan Border Police

| 31 October 2016, 15:33


At least 50 citizens of Afghanistan have been detained by Kazakhstani frontier guards at the weekend, the NSC press-service has reported.


Kazakhstani frontier guards of the regional department Ontustyk detained 122 trespassers including 5 citizens of Kazakhstan, 66 citizens of Uzbekistan, 1 citizen of Azerbaijan and 50 citizens of Afghanistan. 


The detention was held aimed to suppress illegal labor migration on Kazakhstani-Uzbekistan direction. Afghan citizens are mostly detained and deported to their country for illegal labor immigration by the neighboring country, Iran and countries across the gulf, the report noted.


Recently, an Afghan delegation traveled to Saudi Arabia and met with Saudi officials and discussed the issue of undocumented Afghan laborers and migrants. In the meetings, Saudi officials assured Afghan delegation that they would not deport illegal Afghan laborers and migrants from this country, despite that fact that the laborers have no work permit.


According to the NSC, the Afghan government sent a delegation to Saudi Arabia after Afghan workers in Saudi Arabia voiced their concerns over force deportation of foreign laborers as part of the drive to expel all illegal foreign laborers from the Kingdom.