Sports for Noble Cause

| 16 October 2016, 19:04

In a bid to raise funds for the war-weary civilians in restive Kunduz province, the Afghanistan Cricket Board (ACB) has announced to hold a fund raising cricket event.

According to a press note by the ACB, the fundraising match would be a T-20 thriller played on Friday October 21. The objective behind this match is to highlight the issues faced by residents in Kunduz, and raise funds for their rescue and relief in the wake of ragging violence there.

The Taliban militants have been driven out of the restive Kunduz city but the fighting has not stopped that has left thousands of citizens live on the edge. It is increasingly getting difficult to find things for the everyday life due to insecurity, and whatever food and other items are available they are sold at highly inflated prices.

Shafiqullah Stainkzai, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the ACB has urged the business community and cricket lovers to be generous in supporting their brethrens in need in Kunduz. It is vital to note that the ACB held a similar fundraiser for Kunduz people in October last year when the Taliban overrun Kunduz it for the first time.

For cricket lovers, it is a good opportunity to see their national players in action, and also contribute towards the welfare of their country-mates in need. Most of the national players are in Kabul these days, busy in training camp, and are likely to feature in this fundraiser.