Institute of Music Plans To Create a National Music Group

| 12 October 2016, 22:15

Plans are advanced for establishment of a national music group. Implementation of the program will take about four years to complete, the head of Afghanistan's National Institute of Music, Ahmad Nasir Sarmast, said on Tuesday.

Already there are some successes. A young girl who lost her family when she was five years old and was sent to an orphanage, has come to the National Institute of Music where she is in training as a Sitar player.

"I still have family problems. I cannot convince them that I am learning music. I still don't want them to see my face when I play, it will create further problems for my family," said the girl Sitar player.

Huma, another Sitar player, said: "I am from Takhar province and living in an orphanage. It has been four years since I started playing the Sitar at the Institute. I have already traveled to several countries, playing at concerts."

There are currently a number of young art learners training at the Institute where veterans and famous artists are teaching them.

"I have played Dilruba (a musical instrument) for sixty years and I have educated a lot of students," said one of the teachers and Dilruba Player, Amruddin.

The Afghanistan National Institute of Music is the only place where young people can learn music at an academic level.

"During the past six years our students have represented Afghanistan's culture and music in other countries. In the process we have presented a good image of Afghanistan. We have also shown our commitment to our country's cultural diversity and now have big programs for the future," said head of the institute, Ahmad Nasir Sarmast.

Fifteen years ago, when Taliban ruled the country, music was banned in Afghanistan and no one was allowed to listen to, or play music. But now the Institute, by educating the young people, wants to keep the music of Afghanistan alive.