Afghanistan and Malaysia in maiden football encounter

| 10 October 2016, 15:52

All is set for a maiden football encounter between Afghanistan and Malaysia on Tuesday.

According to the Afghanistan Football Federation (AFF), the match would be played in Kuala Lumpur in the afternoon at 17:15 Afghanistan time. Prior to this international match, Afghanistan has lost to Lebanon 0-2 last month. Against Malaysia however, Afghanistan has a psychological advantage against Malaysia due to an edge in the FIFA ranking. Afghanistan is currently ranked at 149 while Malaysia is 9 points down at 158.

Afghanistan head coach Petar Segrt admitted that his side are facing a similar situation that their Tuesday friendly opponents; Malaysia are facing in terms of player selection. "We come here; we are missing some of the players, 8, 9 players we cannot bring because we have problems with injuries. But these injuries the players got from the club, not by us. (But) it is only a small situation for us. We want to also see the new players, and the rest we will decide in the next days," said the German coach during the pre-match press conference”, he told journalists in Kuala Lumpur.

However, he remained upbeat about his side's chances and future, as well as those of Malaysia's, which he would go on to praise repeatedly in the presser. "I know you also have some problems with the players, the changing of generation so to speak, but believe me, you have a strong country, you have a strong league, this is very important”, he was quoted by the