Poppy Eradication Campaign Kicked off in Balk

| 14 May 2017, 20:44

Poppy eradication campaign was kicked on in Balkh province ten days after farmers started harvesting opium.
Provincial Police Chief of Balk claimed lack of equipment and technical facilities had led to delays in destroying poppy farms.
Abdul Raheem Aquli Director of Counter Narcotics of Balk province said the campaign was launched in six districts of the province in coordination with UNODC and would continue for two days.
Calling it unprecedented, Member of Balkh Province Council had expressed deep concern about widespread poppy farms in Balkh. The council said 80% of farmers in Balkh had cultivated poppy. They believe Taliban and a number of local commanders encourage poppy farming to benefit from.
A civil society organization reports that poppy is cultivated in more than 80 thousand hectares of land in Balkh province this year.
Poverty and lack of alternative likelihood are known as factors that push farmers to grow poppy.

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