No Step Taken to Register Herat’s Historical Monuments with UNISCO

| 14 May 2017, 21:17

Officials of cultural affairs in Herat state that there is no plan in place to register the ancient monuments of the city with UNISCO.
Aria Raofi Director of Culture and Information of Herat claims that no practical step has been taken to register ancient monuments and remains of the city in the World Heritage List, and there is no action plan to do so in the future either.
If the careless construction is not stopped around ancient places of Herat city, the ancient and traditional landscape and appearance of the city will change and prevent the city from entering UNISCO Heritage List, he added.
Archaeologist Abdul Razaq Qari Zada criticized Ministry of Cultural and Information for weak performance to have Herat registered as world heritage adding that discrimination in the ministry has caused delays in the process.
Civil activists also expressed concern about delays in including Herat city in the UNISCO Heritage List and stated that historical identity of Afghanistan would die out if the city was not registered as world heritage.
Sayeed Haqiqi, a cultural expert said that ancient monuments are historical memorials that pass down the history and identity of a nation; and should therefore, be properly preserved.
Herat province has more than 800 ancient sites and monuments none of which is yet registered with UNISCO.

Reporter: Khalil

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