One Mother Dies Every Two Hours; 4 Thousand More Midwives Needed

| 10 May 2017, 00:31

Afghanistan marked the International Midwives’ Day when numerous expecting mothers do not have access to health services and there is need for 4 thousand more midwives in the country.

In the ceremony organized in Kabul, Minister of Public Health of Afghanistan Dr. Firozuddin Firoz said that despite improvements in access to health services throughout the country, mom’s access to midwives remains low.

Despite significant advancement, Afghanistan is still among countries where child and maternal mortality is high, Minister Firozi added. “At the time, averagely 1 mother dies every two hours (around 287 moms a year) – through enhanced midwifery services, we can reduce mortality rate of mother and child significantly” said health minister.

More than 7 thousand midwives provide midwifery services to women across the country and there need for 4 thousand more to be trained.

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