Two Persons Arrested for Smuggling Donkey’s Skin

| 1 May 2017, 16:32

Police have arrested two men in Kanduz province while they were smuggling 500 donkey’s skins.

Provincial Police Chief (PPC) of Kanduz General Abdul Hamid Hamidi said that smugglers had placed the donkey’s skins in full flour bags and intended to traffic them to Balk province.

The smugglers were arrested in “Kisa Tupak” area of Kanduz province and their case was forward to prosecution.

Police in Kanduz province had seized another load of donkey’s skin as well. Afghan traffickers buy each donkey’s skin for 5 to 10 thousand AFG and smuggle it to China, where the skin is used to produce gelatin – the key ingredient used in a medicine called ejiao.

Following increased theft of donkey and tracking of its skin, Africa banned slaughtering of donkeys and its skin smuggling.

China’s demand for gelatin has fueled global trade of animals and this is threatening the livelihood of poor communities relying on animals. 

Afghans in rural areas use donkeys for carrying load and farming related work. Extinction of donkeys due to lack of breading or slaughter for their skin will turn into a challenge for rural Afghans in years to come.

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