Women in Herat gather to clean city

| 24 April 2017, 23:05

Women in Herat city gathered to launch a collective work (Asahar) to clean an area in the city.
Wearing the orange city cleaning uniform, women chanted the slogan “a clean city with accountable citizens.”
Nela was one of the participants of the collective work. “we have gathered here today to encourage people and the shopkeepers to keep the city clean so that there won’t be need for women to clean it for them,” she said.
Gulam Rasool Azimi, the Social and Cultural Services Officer of Herat Municipality welcomed the collective work by women.
People, retailers and hand sellers throw wastes into road drains and or damp it by side of roads; I hope they won't do that anymore, he added.
The symbolic move by the women in Herat gets the message across to other citizens to keep their city clean as part of their social responsibilities, said Azimi.
Waste piles in Kabul and other four big cities have polluted theweather and contaminated the environment and goverment ash failed to establish a proper waste collection management system yet.

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