Armed forces hunt rare birds and wild animals in Ghazni

| 22 April 2017, 11:46

In the face of ban on wild life hunting through a presidential decree, the hunting is occurring in many parts of Afghanistan on the sly. 

The environment protection directorate of Ghazni provision has expressed concern about the hunting of rare species of birds and wild animals by armed forces and locals in the province.

Nasratullah Elham, the Ghazni acting director of environment protection states that hunting of wild animals, specifically deer is on rise and security forces are involved in this illegal practice, accompanying hunters instead of preventing them.

 “In number of districts, for instance Jaghato, we have learned that even the armed forces hunt wild life; that runs counter to what they are supposed to be doing. We expect them to cooperate with the environment protection administration to stop hunting,” Mrs. Elham told Kabul Monitor. 

We have issued several official requests to security and relevant organizations about this, he added. 

General Ameenuallah Amarkhil, Provincial Police Chief of Ghanzi province confirms to have heard reports on the involvement of security forces in the hunting. 

“If residents have any evidence proving involvement of security forces, they can present it and we will keep their identity confidential and will take serious measures accordingly,” he stressed.

Illegal hunting mostly takes place in Nahor, Jeghato and Qarabagh districts which are wild life habitats and home of deer, falcon and so on. 

Speaking with Kabul Monitor, member of Ghazni Provincial Council Hamidullah Noorzai said hunting is an enjoyable hobby for people, but it is threatening the rare species to extinct. 

Currently, hunting of falcon and hawk is a trade in some districts of Ghazni; people and professional hunters sell their hunted birds to Pakistani and other buyers from the region. 

Brown and black bear, Asiatic cheetah, lynx, ibex, Siberian crane and Houbara bustard are in list of at-risk species in Afghanistan. 

Reporter: Hakan

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