People with mental disability are forgotten

| 21 April 2017, 23:30

In addition to volatile security and weakness to fight corruption and drugs, Afghanistan lacks a system to manage people with mental disability.
Only two rest homes (Maraston) exist under the Afghan Red Crescent in the capital and Herat city to accommodate the retarded.
These rest homes contain 400 and 80 men and women with metal disability respectably now.
“Managing a person with mental retardation is a multipart duty and requires sufficient resources, Deputy Secretary General of Afghan Red Crescent in Support Affairs, Nawroz Alizai told Kabul Monitor. No any other government administration takes responsivity to manage the retarded, Alizai adds.
No official statistics on the number of people with mental disability exists in Afghanistan. The Ministry of Public Health (MoPH) relies on giving advice to families on how to handle their retarded members only.  Basheer Sarwari, the Director of Mental Health in MoPH says the ministry is trying to find financial resources to establish rest homes for the proper management of people with mental disability in the country.
Afghanistan Independent Human Rights Commission(AIHRC) blames Afghan government for lacking comprehensive program to care for the retarded.
“Unfortunately, they are brutally harassed throughout the country; they are sexually abused and the female ones get pregnant and give birth on streets and under bridges. In 21st century, the government and responsible institutions has done nothing to protect and empower them,” said AIHRC’s member Soraya Sobhrang.
Recently, Ministry of Women’s Affairs presented a scheme for Council of Ministers for approval based on which rest homes for females with metal disability will be created to collect them from streets and ensure their safety.
Respecting the rights of people with mental retardation as a human diversity is ensured by UN convention which bounds governments to care for their mentally sick citizens.

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